Monday, May 19, 2014

Exchange DAG Database Incremental Backup From Passive Databases Fails to Purge the Logs


1-      Make sure that the Database copy on all Mailbox server in healthy state.
2-      Dismount the active copy of the Database.
3-      Suspend replication for the target Database.
4-      Dump the database header to make sure it’s in clean shutdown using  “ESEutil /mh”.

5-      Move the log files ( .log) from the logs folder to alternate location on the Server that hold the active copy database.
6-      Mount the DB. make sure it is mounted successfully with healthy state.
7-      Resume the Passive Database Replication.

8-      In-case you got error when resuming the passive Database replication with “Failed and suspended” state, start reseeding the Database using Update option.

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