Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SharePoint 2010 Configuration Failed (Cannot start service SPAdminV4 on computer)

I was installing Office Web App on SharePoint server 2010 and stuck with the following error while run SharePoint Configuration Wizard.

Failed to create the configuration database.
An exception of type System.InvalidOperationException was thrown.  Additional exception information: Cannot start service SPAdminV4 on computer '.'.
I was able to solve this issue by the following:

1-   Change the computer policy options for retrieving certificate validation on a network
Click on Start-Run
Type in "GPEdit.msc" and click "OK"
Expand Computer Configuration-Windows Settings-Security Settings-Public Key Policies
Double-click "Certificate Path Validation Settings"
Click on the "Network Retrieval" tab
Check the box "Define these policy settings"
Uncheck "Automatically update certificates in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program (recommended)" and "Allow issuer certificate (AIA) retrieval during path validation (recommended"
Click on "OK"
Close out of GPEdit.msc

2- Add host file entries into the local computer host file.
·        Click on Start-Run
·        Type in "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc" and click "OK"
·        Double-click the file "Hosts"
·        Select "Notepad" as the program to open the file
·        Insert the following lines into the hosts file
·        Save the file and exit notepad

And Good luck with runing the configuration wizred again :)

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