Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hide users from the Lync Address Book

First, on one of your Lync Front End servers, install the Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit. You can download it here.

Next, on the server using Windows Explorer, browse to C:Program FilesMicrosoft Lync Server 2010ResKit and double click the application named ABSConfig. You’ll be presented with the UI below.
Lync ABS Configuration Tool
Firstly, you’ll see a list of AD Attribute Names. To achieve this, we need to create a new one and specify the AD Attribute we want to use to filter accounts. Here I’ve specified the AD Attribute comment, but you can use whatever takes your fancy.
Next, you need to specify where it says Which users do you want to include in the ABS files? whether you want to:
  1. Only include users that have a value for the AD attribute you specify or;
  2. Exclude all users who have a value for the AD attribute you specify.
For this blog post, we’re going to select Exclude all users who have a value for this AD attribute. In the field next to this, we’re going to type the name of the AD attribute (comment) that we specified above. In each user account we want to hide, we will use this AD attribute to populate with a data value.
Once you’re done, hit Apply changes and you’re good to go. Changes will take affect next time the Address Book processes do their thing (by default, this happens at 1:30am each night).
Now, whenever the Lync User Replicator process sees a user with a value for the attribute you specified, it will exclude it from the Address Book and that user will not appear when you search for them in the Lync client.
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